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In the nineteen forties, Bill Showalter probably never envisioned that his tiny business, Showalter Music, with coin-operated juke boxes and games, would eventually become Billiards Games & Things, a division of Showalter Amusement Company.  Once located in a barn on Broad Street in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Showalter Amusement started with humble beginnings to say the least.   As the business steadily grew, Showalter Music found itself with a modest location on Waterman Drive at the West end of Harrisonburg.


Thirty years later, in 1970, founder Bill Showalter sold Showalter Music to Ralph and June Craun who transformed the business into Showalter Amusement Company, keeping the Showalter name as a means of respect for the company's founder.  The business has been truly family-run since 1970.


In 1989, a semi-retired Ralph Craun turned the business over to his three sons, Virginia-Tech graduates. Wayne serves as President and Steve and Sid serve as Vice-President.


In 2003, Showalter Amusement moved the store to a more prominent location; and with the new store, came a new name and new image for the growing company.  Out of Showalter Amusement, the retail store was reborn as Billiards Games & Things.


Today, Billiards Games & Things is located at 51 Burgess Road, Suite E, in Clover Leaf Plaza, near Sears (off Rt. 33, near the Harrisonburg Crossing Shopping Center) and features pool table after pool table, and games upon games.


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51 Burgess Rd

Suite E

 Harrisonburg, VA 22801


(540) 434-3255


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